CineGrid Brazil International Workshop will be held August 28-29, 2014 and hosted by the University of São Paulo (USP). The venue will take place at the Universidade de São Paulo Medical School (FMUSP) Auditorium.

Map of the Universidade de São Paulo Medical School (FMUSP)

Contact: cinegridbr@usp.br

CineGrid Brasil 2014 Schedule

Red presentations include technological demonstrations

click here to download the PDF version

August 28 – Thursday

10:30 Registration

11:00 WELCOME – Opening and Program Outline
Juca Ferreira (Municipal Secretary of Culture, City of São Paulo)
Authorities from Universities (USP, Mackenzie and Unifesp)

11:20 INTRO

What is CineGrid?  – Laurin Herr (CineGrid, USA)

11:40 SESSION 1

Future of TV – The 8K experience
Thiago de André (USP, Brazil)

Leandro Ciuffo (RNP, Brazil)
Liliiana Nakonechnyj (TV Globo, Brazil)
Tatsuya Fujii (NTT, Japan)

4K Short  FilmPixel Race – Jane de Almeida (Mackenzie Univ., Brazil)

13:15 LUNCH


Brazilian Group in Video Collaboration
Guido Lemos (LAVID/UFPB, Brazil) and Valdecir Becker (LAVID/UFPB, Brazil)

14:45 SESSION 2

Collaboration and Teaching with High Quality Media
Introduction: Guido Lemos (LAVID/UFPB, Brazil)

Daisuke Shirai (NTT, Japan)
Multi-modal, Multi-device and Multi-synchronized Media for Networked Remote Collaboration
Naohisa Ohta (Keio University, Japan)
Collaborative Content Creation with Media Networking.
Peter Otto (UC San Diego, USA) – Remote Presentation
Specifications for High Fidelity Interactivity in Networked Collaborative Media-Space
Tereza Carvalho (USP, Brazil)
High-quality Media – New Paradigm of Knowledge Sharing


16:40 SESSION 3

Academic Networks for Media & Collaboration
Luis Fernandez Lopez (ANSP/USP, Brazil)

Cees de Laat (Univ. of Amsterdam, Netherlands)
The CineGrid Amsterdam Project, lessons learned
Iara Machado (RNP, Brazil)
A Infra-estrutura da RNP e novos serviços de apoio a colaboração (RNP´s Infrastructure and new services for collaboration support)
Julio Ibarra (AMPATH, USA)
Improving International Research & Education Network Infrastructure for Big Data Science Flows


18:30 DEMO

New World Symphony (Florida) 4K video with multi-channel live music score performed for “São Paulo Sinfonia da Metrópole “

Jane de Almeida (Mackenzie Univ. Brazil), Fernando Redigolo (USP, Brazil) & Justin Trieger, Michael Linville (New World Symphony, Miami, USA)


August 29 – Friday


Corpo 4K – Butoh e Capoeira
Almir Almas
(USP, Brazil)

9:30 SESSION 4

Video Compression Technology
Denise Stringhini (UNIFESP, Brazil)

Akira Shimaya (NTT-AT, USA) & Rodrigo Menezes (Dimension Data, Brazil)
HEVC encoding in the cloud – Grid Computing Transcoder on Cloud Platform – Codec for the 4K/8K Era
Guido Lemos (UFPB, Brazil)
Software Based Compression
John Suzuki (NEL America, USA) & Yoichi Kato (NTT-IT, Japan)
Realtime H.264 Encoding for 4K/UHDTV
Michal Krsek (CESNET, Check Republic)
Use of codecs in creative production over high-speed photonics network


11:30 SESSION 5


Introduction: Cicero Inacio da Silva (UNIFESP, Brasil)

Lev Manovich (CUNY/CALIT2, USA)
How to look at 300 million images?
Maxine Brown (EVL – Univ. Illinois Chicago, USA)
Visualization and Networking Technologies Enhance Interdisciplinary Collaboration

12:20 LUNCH

13:20 SESSION 6

Media Integration and Innovation
Introduction: Almir Almas (USP, Brazil)

José Dias (TV Globo, Brazil )
Surpresas Estratégicas
Laurin Herr (Pacific Interface Inc., USA)
CineGrid Futures

14:10 SESSION 7

Cinema Technology Trends
Thiago de André (USP, Brazil)

Andy Maltz (Academy Motion Pictures Arts and Science, USA)
Next Generation Cinema Technologies & ACES
Steve Morris (Skywalker Sound, USA) – Remote Presentation
New Workflows for Immersive Sound in Cinema and Remote Collaboration
Francisco Neto (DotCINE, Brazil)
Além do HD, desafios do alto volume de dados no cinema (Beyond HD – challenges of large amounts of data for cinema.)


16:00 SESSION 8

Science and Arts
Alfredo Suppia (UNICAMP, Brazil)

Richard Weinberg (Univ. Southern California, USA) – Remote Presentation
Digital Cinema Microscopy
Jeff Weekley (Naval Post-graduate School, USA)
Ultra-high Definition Video, Remote Sensing and Autonomy for Science Applications
Michael Sims (MoonExpress, USA) – Remote Presentation
CyberInfrastructure for Space Exploration and Visualization


17:50 DEMO

Introduction: Ana Estela Haddad (USP, Brazil)
Telemedicine and Telehealth for teaching and learning
4K Ophthalmic Microscopy Surgery from UNIFESP to FMUSP – Telemedicine
Milton Yogi and Cicero Inacio da Silva (UNIFESP, Brazil)

18:30 – Cocktail at the 5th floor!

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