Cinegrid Brazil II

CineGrid, which is based in California, started its activities in 2006 with the aim of transmitting super/ultra/high definition content via 1 Gbps to 160 Gbps digital photonic networks which use grid computing. At its annual conferences, members of CineGrid present research and demonstrate the progress made in relation to the distribution of content across networks, in addition to promoting the tools they develop to implement solutions in the field of production and distribution of ultra definition cinema across advanced networks. In 2011 the first CineGrid Brasil occurred in Rio de Janeiro during the GLIF (Global Lambda Integrated Facilities). CineGrid Brasil II will be held In August 2014 with the participation of the national and international community promoting knowledge and collaboration. This event will take place in the Brasiliana Library at USP. We would like to invite the community interested in this kind of research to join us at the event to be held in partnership with the ANSP Network – celebrating its 25th birthday.